Top 10 Brand of 2017

Top 10 Brand of 2017 Here is the world most valuable brand list and it's amazing how technology brands have been taking top positions on this...

10 tips how do successful fund raising

If, you're looking for a fundraising project for a school, sports team or construction project you will the following useful for you. Use these 10...

What is Accounting in simple words?

Anyone who's worked in an office at some point or another has had to go to accounting. They're the people who pay and send...

64,000 software workers were seeking as much as $3 billion in damages

Who is behind this all innovation and big tech companies. Yes, they are engineers and now they are looking for their rights and seeking...

Does US economy effects rest of the world?

How US economy looks like today it is gaining value to losing its grounds. Most of the business owners from all around the world...

Apple’s IPad sales keep falling

Despite only being on the market for five years, we might have already hit "peak iPad." Apple unveiled new versions of its iPad and iPad...

Is iPad Pro 11 inch too expensive

Is iPad Pro 11 inch becoming too expensive Ok, This article is not about how good is the new iPad or what it can do or what are the cool feature of it and an amazing apple pencil which now connect to iPad magnetically and charge at the same time. To know all you will find thousands of articles and hundreds of videos on YouTube about iPad Pro 11 inch and iPad Pro 12.9 inch. 

How to sell your business ?

Is it a right time to sell your business, are you selling it in the right place or are you selling it in right...

Europe Tax authorities on Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon

How Facebook, Apple , Google and Amazon act upon their strategy for Europe taxations and make things smoothing toward tax authorities in Europe. Find...

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