Microsoft fights Android and Chrome OS

Microsoft fights Android and Chrome OS with cheap windows 8.1 pc. Wanna get one check out which one. How do you compete when your fiercest...

iPhone 6 and iOS 8 Whats New!

Will it be just a glass? actually not. Here are some hot news about release of iPhone 6 and killer features of iOS 8....

OnePlus One vs OnePlus Two Comparison

We all know about OnePlus One and now 2 is also on its ways most probably in April. Lets compare both of them based...

iPad Air 2 is here now check out specs

Not every one is waiting for iPad air 2, even then its interesting to check out what will be the specs and it will...
Chrome OS, Google Chrome OS

Do you develop Chrome OS Apps

For the best of Google  Those who things apps market is already very saturated because of much competition out there on iOS App Store or...

Blackberry KeyTwo Athena Final specs and release date

BlackBerry KeyTwo (Athena) will have Snapdragon 660 chipset. It will have 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM with 64 GB of internal storage. it also features the QWERTY keypad. The bottom will house the Fast USB-C charger, while the 3.5 mm jack will remain.

Mobile apps dominate time consumers spend online

That’s not the majority of mobile time, that’s the majority of digital time: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, web browser, mobile app, you name it,...

30 Sec charger for smartphones

Well this is quite unbelieveable but its happening, Yes a charger prototype is here which can charger smartphone in only 30 seconds. A prototype...

Android watch is coming soon!

Recently google announced Android Wear and now companies like Samsung which is already in smart watches with their Gear product line are planning to...
keyone limited edition

Blackberry KeyOne Limited Edition Complete specs

Blackberry KeyOne was one of the unique phone launched earlier in 2017. Just after new months, Blackberry has launched a new varient of KeyOne with Limited Edition. So whats the hack here how this limited edition of KeyOne is different. 

Technology Trends Dominating 2014

Here is a nice article about techonolgies domination in 2014. A forbes contributor share his thoughts. It nice to know what is going around...

Google glass not a glass of water

 Glass users often respond to such concerns with a smug “Get over it,” or by asking “Well, did you ask everyone to get rid...

History of Beats Electronics – Apple buys

Beats now Apple will buy it. What is a history of Beats Electronics. lets See! Before Apple makes its Beats acquisition truly official, join us...

HTC Desire 820 Android L and the selfie craze

Want to get hands on Android L, check this new crazy Selfie phone HTC Desire 820 with Android L. After striking a nice mid-range note...

Game is changing Android is every where

Android is becoming a leading OS for mobile devices, few years back Apple use to announce how many downloads of apps are done form...

The Unique World Of Samsung Mobile Accessories

Every single minute at least thousands of mobile phones are sold across India. This amazing number of sales is growing day by day. Most...

Amazing lawsuit on Google

Google search features facing amazing lawsuit. Article written by Judith Aparri tell us some facts about it. Google currently faces a lawsuit for the reported "monopoly"...

Virtual trips are now possible with Google Glass technology

It’s amazing how technology is exploring new opportunities and great experiences for us. See the example below of Google glass and imagine what you...
Tablets for kids

5 Best Tablets for Kids

Kids are more pro than ever and in this digital era with many different options available on the internet like YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming services you will find dedicated sections for kids. Not only streaming but apps on iOS and Android are vastly available for children in all ages.

Google Home Mini – What is it ?

Google Home Mini - A smart speaker  If you love music and good sound quality this is is absolutely not something for you but if you want to make every room of your home smart room then this is probably the most affordable option up to a day.

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