Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Oxygen OS official release updates

Today on 4th April OnePlus has finally released office ROM their own Oxygen OS. Long waited and delayed previously but today it was finally...

Galaxy Note 9 Full detailed specs

Galaxy Note 9 Specs Samsung most high-end smartphone Galaxy Note 9 was released on 9th of August 2018, After the extremely bad experience of Note 5...

Again new tablets from Samsung Tab 3 coming on 1st May

  Its not so long Samsung has launched its Galaxy Tab Pro series and also Galaxy Note series. Now even in less than 6 months...

Chrome OS working in tandem with the Android OS

There has been nothing left about Google that hasnt been said already! The very fact that the company which began as a simple search engine...

ABC Gurus Fun Alphabet App for Kids By MavoTV

Learn ABC alphabets using this App.  This is the best and interesting way to learn alphabets for your kids.  Have a great fun! Click here...

The Unique World Of Samsung Mobile Accessories

Every single minute at least thousands of mobile phones are sold across India. This amazing number of sales is growing day by day. Most...
keyone limited edition

Blackberry KeyOne Limited Edition Complete specs

Blackberry KeyOne was one of the unique phone launched earlier in 2017. Just after new months, Blackberry has launched a new varient of KeyOne with Limited Edition. So whats the hack here how this limited edition of KeyOne is different. 

Chrome OS will not dominate but its every where

Its seems line Chrome OS is every where and what I ment that most of the hardware companies like accer, HP and Samsung now...

30 Sec charger for smartphones

Well this is quite unbelieveable but its happening, Yes a charger prototype is here which can charger smartphone in only 30 seconds. A prototype...

HTC Desire 820 Android L and the selfie craze

Want to get hands on Android L, check this new crazy Selfie phone HTC Desire 820 with Android L. After striking a nice mid-range note...

Why I am not Switching to NOTE 9

Ok, it seems like with Note 9 Samsung really dont care about innovation and actually there overall mobile phones segments. For those...

This Quick Charger 3.0 can charge all your devices at once

This Quick charger can charge all your devices at once. There is no need to carry and arrange multiple chargers if you are like me who charge multiple devices every day. Quick charge is a technology introduce by snapdragon systems-on-chip. This technology is most found on all top flag ship mobiles like Samsung, Oneplus, HTC and many more. Practically you can charger like any thing smartphones, power banks, tablets, your cameras, any thing with USB charging can be used on this extremely safe Quick Charger 3.0 by ANKER.

Top 3 Best Chromebooks in 2018

Those who don't know what is Chromebook, a very simple answer Chromebook is the simplest laptop on which ChromeOS installed in it.
Tumblr, Tahsify, Blogging, Micro Blogging, Teen blogging

Tumblr is not an other Facebook

Yes Tumblr is not an other just a social media website like Facebook but its some thing completely different which attract millions so What...

OnePlus One , OxygenOS and CM12

Extreme hype with the launch of OxygenOS and CM12 for OnePlus One  was created over the net in past few week specially when it...

Various Ipad 3 Leather Cases

The smarter the Ipad the better one performs professionally.  Hence one requires to protect the I pad with maximum security. Today the accessories markets for...

Zagg Slim Book Case and Keyboard for iPad Air

The Slim Book is light and has great backlighting, but its drawbacks are the loud keyboard and the hinge that holds the two halves...

Now available exclusively – Get your now!

Google Glass is here! Google glass is going to be available exclusively   As google said in one of their post on google plus that it will...

5 Best Power Bank Under 50 USD

Power banks becomes one of the most popular must have products during last few years. And it seems like its going to be same in coming years. Here are 5 best power banks under 50 USD. you dont have to spend so much money to get some good one. We have selected some of the best power bank which will not break your account and you will still have best powerbank.

Google Home Mini – What is it ?

Google Home Mini - A smart speaker  If you love music and good sound quality this is is absolutely not something for you but if you want to make every room of your home smart room then this is probably the most affordable option up to a day.

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