Monday, September 23, 2019

Turn your iPad Air into a MacBook clone

BY Brent Dirks on Mon September 01st, 2014 accessories ClamCase clamcase pro for ipad air ipad air keyboard case Product Review   Company: ClamCase Product: ClamCase...

Improve I phone’s Longitivity with Amazing Leather case

The essence of leather has been world famous. Luxury has been renamed as leather products; therefore today’s modern mobile accessories have leather as its...

iPad Air 2 is here now check out specs

Not every one is waiting for iPad air 2, even then its interesting to check out what will be the specs and it will...

Zagg Slim Book Case and Keyboard for iPad Air

The Slim Book is light and has great backlighting, but its drawbacks are the loud keyboard and the hinge that holds the two halves...

Note 9 vs Note 8

Note 9 vs note 8

Now available exclusively – Get your now!

Google Glass is here! Google glass is going to be available exclusively   As google said in one of their post on google plus that it will...

The Theme Cases for Galaxy S3

Every product is often based on a particular theme to attract clients across the platform of sales. Any kind of product can be designed...

Phenomenal Cases For Galaxy Fame

What excites the youth most a party night, game of cricket, movie or a smart phone? Well, well, you guessed it right, it is...

Google Home Mini – What is it ?

Google Home Mini - A smart speaker  If you love music and good sound quality this is is absolutely not something for you but if you want to make every room of your home smart room then this is probably the most affordable option up to a day.

The Htc mobile accessories – A perfect Gift Idea

Gifting someone a memorable gift is difficult at times. In today’s time there is a wide choice of gift for everyone for example the...

Virtual trips are now possible with Google Glass technology

It’s amazing how technology is exploring new opportunities and great experiences for us. See the example below of Google glass and imagine what you...
OnePlus Power bank

What is OnePlus Power Bank

This April fool 2015 OnePlus has done good by launching a tiny drone but still its major product line is about to be launch...

This Quick Charger 3.0 can charge all your devices at once

This Quick charger can charge all your devices at once. There is no need to carry and arrange multiple chargers if you are like me who charge multiple devices every day. Quick charge is a technology introduce by snapdragon systems-on-chip. This technology is most found on all top flag ship mobiles like Samsung, Oneplus, HTC and many more. Practically you can charger like any thing smartphones, power banks, tablets, your cameras, any thing with USB charging can be used on this extremely safe Quick Charger 3.0 by ANKER.

The Glorious HTC Desire HD Fodral

The HTC desire is the latest addition into the smart phone catalogue. It’s been in the hype for some time now. Its new model...

Various Ipad 3 Leather Cases

The smarter the Ipad the better one performs professionally.  Hence one requires to protect the I pad with maximum security. Today the accessories markets for...

30 Sec charger for smartphones

Well this is quite unbelieveable but its happening, Yes a charger prototype is here which can charger smartphone in only 30 seconds. A prototype...

5 Crazy New Inventions You NEED To See

5 Crazy New Inventions You NEED To See We are going to show you some of the craziest inventions.  We hope you will like them will surely...

Best voice Assistant Amazon Echo Alexa

What is Amazon Echo? Best voice assistance out there is by Amazon call ECHO. Echo can do most of the things for you just on...

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