PC vs Mac Ads

Its years that we have not seen any more PC vs Mac ads. Actually they were more based on operating systems. But it seems...

Companies are worried and reacting to Heartbleed

Indivitual are worried about this scary security issue but companies are also reacting and adopting defensive streategy.   Many company do not even know what is...

Facebook messaging is going to turn off

SMS is old story now, its much more common now in all the smart phones to use apps for messages. Facebook is now little...
Tashify, Todoist, To to list, best to do app

Todoist makes a day super productive

We all are very busy and so many things to do in one day, Some time mind is distracted because tons of loads and...
Tumblr, Tahsify, Blogging, Micro Blogging, Teen blogging

Tumblr is not an other Facebook

Yes Tumblr is not an other just a social media website like Facebook but its some thing completely different which attract millions so What...

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