Tuesday, February 19, 2019

5 Best Power Bank Under 50 USD

Power banks becomes one of the most popular must have products during last few years. And it seems like its going to be same in coming years. Here are 5 best power banks under 50 USD. you dont have to spend so much money to get some good one. We have selected some of the best power bank which will not break your account and you will still have best powerbank.

Chrome OS will not dominate but its every where

Its seems line Chrome OS is every where and what I ment that most of the hardware companies like accer, HP and Samsung now...
Tashify, Todoist, To to list, best to do app

Todoist makes a day super productive

We all are very busy and so many things to do in one day, Some time mind is distracted because tons of loads and...

Microsoft heading to cloud OS like Chrome

Cloud computing is already touching to its peak. Now companies like Microsoft also heading to produce a cloud version of their Windows OS. Are...

Top 3 Best Chromebooks in 2018

Those who don't know what is Chromebook, a very simple answer Chromebook is the simplest laptop on which ChromeOS installed in it.

Asus Chromebox Review

No more Mac Mini, if you are Chrome lover and want to spend your computing time on cloud only here it comes a perfect...

Chrome OS working in tandem with the Android OS

There has been nothing left about Google that hasnt been said already! The very fact that the company which began as a simple search engine...

What is Chrome OS?

What is Chrome OS? Chrome OS is a cloud base OS which is normally installed and used on Chromebooks. Google has developed the whole ecosystem...
Chrome OS, Google Chrome OS

Do you develop Chrome OS Apps

For the best of Google  Those who things apps market is already very saturated because of much competition out there on iOS App Store or...

Material Design on Chrome OS

Google released the latest Beta channel release for Chrome OS users and with it comes a few new features that should arrive for all...

Hangouts app for Chrome on Windows

 Google launched a new Hangouts app for Chrome on Windows as well as Chrome OS. You can download the app now directly from the...

Samsung Chromebook Pro detail specs and features

Samsung Chromebook Pro is finally here Long waited announced in CES 2017 Samsung Chromebook Pro is finally available to buy on amazon. This is an...

Latest round of Chrome books and Android OS

HP introduce a laptop powered with Android. After chrome books HP is betting on Android based notebooks. As Samsung recently introduced Chrome book 2...

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