2014 Mac Mini Coming Soon

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Mac mini 2014 may come up soon as it was already due this year in February. Let see what Apple brings new in it.

Apple’s Mac Mini is set to be updated this year as the device has been skipped out last year.

It was initially expected that a new Mac Mini will be launched at the end of February, which clearly did not happen. Meanwhile, the online Apple Store was down on the morning of June 18 and many hopefuls were keeping their fingers crossed that a new Mac Mini will be slipped into the market. However, the Apple Store is now back up offering nothing more but a cheaper iMac.

However, there were rumors suggesting that a new Mac Mini will arrive soon. According to the French Apple reseller FNAC, no unit of Mac Mini is available in its 20 shops all over Paris. The shortage of stock is often an indication that new models will be shipping soon. But, there is no reported shortage elsewhere. As a matter of fact, Apple Store is offering “pick up today” for US residents, and shipping within 24 hours to the UK.


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