5 Things makes your blog post meaningful for google and humans

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5 Thinks to do when writing a blog post

I have been looking around how make my blog post meaningful for google and for my readers here are few tips which I follow hope they will help you.

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1. Be clear when you write

Blog post need to be very clear and easy to scan. People do not have much time so be specific and use easy language to deliver your message.

2. Make your link short

Use your keyword in your link and also make it shot. It will help google to rank your post against your selected keywords.

3. Add keywords in your blog post

Use your keywords in first 100 words of blog post which make its meaningful for google and human will also understand context better.

4. Add outbound links

Use external links for a good blog post, for example I am using think link for a great video to get 9 tips about on page SEO tips click here

5. Well researched blog post

Some people do like to read long blog post but then it should be well researched and must deliver value to your readers. For example I learn from the video above which I have linked that average good blog post should be 1890 words long.

These are few tips which I believe could help you to keep your blog post meaningful for google and also for humans. Please share your tips as I am a beginner and there is still a lot to learn.

Here are some useful links which help to do keyword research, top selection and also which is popular right now.

  1. Ubersuggest

It will help you find google suggestions all in one website including single and long tail research queries.

2. Buzzsumo

It will help you find keywords and their competition also you can search for website and their keyword for which they are ranked. Great tool use it and you will get an idea how it can help you to improve your work.

3. Keyhole

This is also an other good website mainly to track hashtag but also you can search for keywords and website to see how they are performing.

4. Google Trends

One of my favorit, and probably you are already using it to find popular news, topics and articles which are trending. Best part it you can search for your locations and see which keywords are being used for selected topic.

If you are more into branding your blog and focusing specific inductry I would suggest check these marketing and branding tips.

Feel free to contact me and we can share our experience and knowledge. If you know some great tools which you use for your keyword, top and article research then I would love to know.



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