Android L 5.0 Release Date

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Next big thing this fall 2014, Android L release date. 

Everyone is on the look for the most awaited version of Android. It has been selling like a hot potato in every corner. So if you are a tech-savvy, the next big thing to wait for is to get the hottest update about its release. After the noise and craze about it, the users get hungry not only on how it looks, but how well it will change the way one uses his gadget. Hailed for the platform’s performance, Android L is set to uplift the new face of its predecessor.

It will be getting farther beyond its current look with a handful of new features. It is equipped with a new material design that can create reliable experience to the mobile and web users.  Its detailed specifications are designed to make it run more efficient, faster and yet give better battery performance. These reasons will alter the way one scrolls and navigates mobile phone, TV, tablet, car and even watches.

Android L 5.0 release date has been on speculations since it created waves among technology aficionados, developers and the business sectors. People get more curious on when it will be finally seen and experienced on their mobile phones.  The developer’s preview has been out on June 26 on Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.

 Android L 5.0 release date has been presumed to be out “this Fall” although there is no exact date on when it will be finally released. The period may run from September, October or November. During the Developer’s conference, Google claimed only a few details about the Android OS.  Google’s team up with Nestle provided a hint on giving it a new name. Android Lion has been on the list after a screenshot on Nexus 5 has been leaked.


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