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If you are in middle management level in your company you must read this. Very interesting article shows the power of Middle Management in huge companies. Check it out.

There are over 10.5 million middle managers in the United States today and I am one of them… by choice. Yes, I said it! In fact, at this point I have spent the larger part of my career navigating what I often find to be an interesting space between individual contributors and executive teams. Of course there are all the well documented challenges such as the absence of autonomy, limited career advancement opportunities, unrealistic workloads and a lack of clout but for me these are outweighed by the rewards of being a fundamental part of the business core.

Middle management is the glue and the grease, the interpretation command center. It is where escalations are solved, guidance provided and careers nurtured. It is also where the grand visions, innovative ideas and high level road maps are deciphered, molded and transformed into actionable plans. And it is where delivery reality in all its nuances is channeled for top level assimilation. Middle managers are essentially two way conduits maintaining accord in the corporate hierarchy.

Many companies have perceived middle managers to be superfluous and have reduced their numbers accordingly only to experience a widening gap in understanding between strategy and delivery. As an example, the Google founders were not initially middle management fans. However, when presented with analysis of performance data they actually moved forward with an internal project to retain and tool their managers for success. It appears other companies have been following suit much to my delight.

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