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Moms can now track pregnancy with this iOS app which will help them track the progress of their pregnancy time line. A nice story shared by a mom

When I became pregnant with my daughter, now 4, I didnt even own a smartphone. I did most of my pregnancy research with my desktop computer and those pregnancy books that nearly every first-time mom reads.

Now, baby No. 2 is on the way and times have changed. With the rise of smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, theres no shortage of pregnancy-related high-tech products on the market.

I get weekly updates explaining whats going on with my body and my babys development, which show up as notifications from my various iPhone apps. The first time around, I got emails from pregnancy websites.

There are also apps to track how much weight youve gained, how often your baby kicks and eventually how far apart your contractions are. There are even smartphone-enabled devices that let you listen to your babys heartbeat at home.

Like a lot of second-time moms, I didnt feel the need to gorge myself on pregnancy information this time around. But I did download some of the more popular apps. I stuck largely to free apps, though I also tested a $129 fetal heart monitor that attaches to a smartphone.

Although the apps dont cover everything an expectant mom needs to know, they offer enough that Ive barely dusted off my pregnancy books this time around.


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