Authentic leaders habits

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5 habits which we can learn from leaders, a informative article published on Forbes we bring it here for you.

What makes an authentic leader stand out from other leadership styles? What do they do differently?

These are five counterintuitive habits displayed by truly authentic and enlightened leaders.

1. They surround themselves with advisors who can tell them why they are wrong.

When you hold a certain belief or unconsciously decide on something, youll have a tendency to focus on and favor information that supports your belief or decision, discarding anything that contradicts it. You do it without even realizing it.  Psychologists call this confirmation bias.

While this is a fundamentally human foible to which neither the brilliant nor the principled are impervious, unchecked in a leader or decision-maker it could lead to damaging even catastrophic consequences.

Studies of the 1986 Challenger disaster that killed all astronauts on board suggest that confirmation bias inherent in the decision-making process led to the egregious error of declaring the space shuttle safe for launch. This was despite awareness of a known (and ultimately fatal) variable that was dismissed by decision-makers as it conflicted with their line of thinking.

Confirmation bias is one of the most difficult biases to overcome, says Professor Iris Bohnet, Academic Dean at Harvard Kennedy School and faculty chair of the executive program, Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century for the World Economic Forums Young Global Leaders [a program I have completed and from which the lessons in this post are drawn.]

Authentic leaders ask their advisors to always look for contradicting evidence and empower them to speak truth to power. [To avoid confirmation bias] Every important argument, she explains, should be accompanied by the reasons why it could be wrong.

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