Avoid Mistakes In Your E-Mail Marketing

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Email marketing is big and important tool for marketers, Here are some tips to avoid major mistakes in your email marketing strategy. Check out this article by Amanda Clark.

A few months ago, a new study was released that gained no small amount of traction within the online marketing community. The study essentially alleged that e-mail marketing generates better results and better ROI than social media or really any other digital marketing discipline.

Some online marketers celebrated the study while others thought it a bit dubious, but regardless of the legitimacy or impact of the study, this much seems true: E-mail marketing is something people should take seriously. It remains a vital online marketing strategy, and to ignore it in favor of the bright shiny newness of social media marketing could be folly.

Note, however, that doing e-mail marketing and simply sending e-mails to your clients are not the same thing; likewise, sending advertisements to cold prospects, though it may work in some scenarios, is more likely to get your companys e-mails lumped together with all the spam.

In fact, there are a number of e-mail marketing mishaps that can threaten the integrity and efficacy of your campaignand a few of them are as follows:

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