Ayurvedic detoxification to cleanse your Body

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Everyday living make our body go through diverse level of changes and at times we feel tired, weakness, fatigue,stress,etc.  In fact, we all go through it daily and all these leads to diverse disease along with weight gain. From exercise to slimming pills one goes through all, but with no or little result. Now one questions out his own efforts what is it that stopping him or her from being disease free and to become slim. Well, medical research confirms that it is the human liver that is the key villain in keeping one fat and unhealthy. Hey, this is ridiculous is this true?  Ok, the key factor is that to become a perfectly healthy person one requires a perfect body mass, which is only possible with Ayurvedic detoxification of the liver.

In fact the part of detoxification is so necessary to drive away the accumulative toxins from bad living style and everyday stress. There are two methods of detox diet-general and customized. Ayurvedic detox supports the liver to detoxify toxins in a greater way. Effectively a detoxification is required in every three months’ time. One require this process when the body shows sign of the following-

  1. Eyesight problem,
  2. Gastric and bloating,
  3. back pain
  4. joint pain,
  5. hair loss
  6. Aging up quickly
  7. Over all ill-health, etc.


What is a detoxifying Ayurvedic diet-?

Well, to start with Ayurveda strictly guides people to drink more water, juices and liquid. The moment one goes for a Panchakrama a special way to wash of toxins. The doctors and nutrition specialist makes sure the person in the detox programme must live on a juice diet for first three day followed by a khichidi or  let’s say a poor version of risotto. In this khichidi varieties of vegetables along with lentils and rice gets boiled and given a flavour of pure butter or ghee along with cumin seeds. The nutritional value of cumin seeds is pretty great as it controls unwanted hunger. Apart from a seven day detoxifying diet, oil massage, head massage, mud bath, steam bath are also included to cleanse the liver comprehensively. Now, those who are not well should consult their doctors before getting into such programme.

Results of detoxification-

  1. Shiner skin,
  2. reduced fine lines,
  3. Younger physique with a higher metabolism,
  4. strong digestive system,
  5. Greater stamina to fight back fatigue,
  6. Disease free body.

Well, the Ayurvedic detoxification is more result oriented when it is incorporated with yoga and meditation. Hence, get into detox and live a healthy and young life.


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