Basic Rules for an Effective Corporate Meeting

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In corporate world everyday meetings are a norm. However, many people find it quite tough to deal with such meetings. At times employees find it irritating, shows lack of interest and like. Nevertheless, such conferences are meant for exchange of views, discussing company policies, informing everyone regarding job changes and like. Therefore, one must behave pretty professionally to get more benefit out of such proceedings. The goals for an effective meeting are many and today we shall discuss a lot about it in this interesting blog. The following points are some of the basic rules one must follow to conduct the meeting properly.

Punctuality and PreparationBusiness-Meeting

Always try to be punctual during conferences. Try to reach your office or summit venue before the designated time. Reading more about the meeting agenda will keep you well-informed and you can answer when a query is being asked. Remember to be well-dressed and well-read before any corporate meeting.


During a meeting leave the technology (smart phone)at your desk and wait until after lunch to read your email. Turn your cell phone off unless a call from the president is imminent. Focusing on your communication with people outside the meeting instead of giving your full attention to those involved in the problem-solving at hand aggravates. Accessing information on your PDA or tablet when it’s pertinent to the meeting is certainly acceptable, but being in thrall to a cell phone is more typical of an adolescent than a professional adult.

 ParticipationCorporate Meeting

Communication depends not only on civil discourse, but also on active listening. The art of problem-solving requires both as well as a willingness to compromise with grace. Always listen to the speaker until she takes a breath after her last word; it sets an example because it telegraphs that you’re thinking about what’s been said. Consideration for the opinions of others, even when they’re half-baked or uninformed, cues them to listen to yours. Don’t hog the spotlight, but don’t sit in the back and mope, either. Professionals understand the value of time — others’ as well as their own.

Ground Rules

No group functions well without basic rules of behavior and order. Whether your group meets formally and uses Robert’s Rules or just has a list of agreed-upon protocols, professionals know the rules — and obey them. If your group does not have ground rules, suggest that it decide how business should proceed. Methods speakers use to request permission to speak, how long speakers can talk and ways disagreements are settled should be common practice as well as common knowledge.


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