BBC story about picking the best location for your business

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Choosing where to locate a new business can be a difficult decision for any entrepreneur.

Do you simply stick to the familiar surroundings of your hometown, where you have your family for support?

Or do you need to move to a big city to find a larger customer base, or to be part of a network of similar businesses?

This choice can be a dilemma in any country, but it is even more difficult in a nation the size of Canada, the world’s second largest.

For while the internet has made it far easier for firms – especially digital ones – to be based wherever they want, it still often remains the case that location is vital, be it to be close to customers, suppliers, competitors, or available staff.

I wanted to be my own boss, even though I knew it was going to be hard”

Take the imaginary example of a software developer thinking of setting up shop in Nunavut, Canada’s northern-most territory, so the boss can enjoy the majestic Arctic surroundings. The company may struggle to find enough qualified workers.


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