Best gaming mice of 2014

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List of 6 best gaming mice of 2014. PC world story top down the list of best mice for gammers. chack it

Why are you suffering in silence with that generic hunk of plastic? You love games; dont settle for a tool designed for applications no more demanding than a web browser. Stepping up to a purpose-designed mouse wont yield benefits as significant as upgrading from a cheap keyboard, but theyre still notable. A good mouse can also reduce stress on your body and make you more productive if you take advantage of its added buttons and programability.

The Razer Naga is one of the oddest mice you’ll find. While it’s designed for massively multiplayer online role-playing games, its programable buttons can work with any program.

I laid hands on six new gaming mouse for this story and evaluated their performance with both productivity appssuch as writing this review in Wordand games: Lining up headshots in Sniper Elite V3, and clicking frantically on the denizens of hell in Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. Before I reveal my opinions of these six new rodents, here are the features you should consider when doing your own evaluations:

If youre like most people, no one ever taught you how to hold a mouse. You just grabbed it in a way that felt natural and started moving that cursor all over your display. Peoples preferences generally fall into three broad categories: Palm, claw, or fingertip. Understanding your proclivity is the first step in the shopping process. If youre a palm gripper, you dont want to buy a mouse designed for a fingertipper; the dimensions will be all wrong.

The plus-sized dimensions of the Mionix NAOS 7000 identify it as a mouse designed for palm grippers.

Palm: Palm grippers are the most numerous, so youll find a large number of devices built with these folks in mind. A mouse suited for palm gripping is usually elongated, so that it fills your entire hand. This grip technique typically requires you to move your entire arm to direct the mouse, making it ergonomically comfortable but slow.

Claw: Claw grippers keep the rear of their palm on the mouse and arch their fingers over the buttons. This allows for quicker button pressing, but its a less comfortable grip that can strain your fingers. Youll also find yourself moving your whole arm to direct the mouse, same as the palm grip, because the rear of the hand is still touching the mouse. Claw-grip users typically favor a narrower, shorter mouse to allow for better palm arching.

Fingertip: The fingertip grip also puts a lot of strain on your fingers, as theyre your only contact with the mouse. But this the most agile mouse grip because you can direct the mouse without moving your entire wrist. You also keep the claw grips propensity for quick button presses. Fingertip grippers normally want a thin, lightweight mouse to reduce the pressure off their fingertips and to prevent hand cramps. Ambidextrous mouse also work well for fingertip users: The symmetrical design is uncomfortable for palm users, but fingertip users will have no problem.


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