Blackberry is finally back with KeyOne

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Yes! Blackberry is back

Its been long when we saw some thing exciting from blackberry back in 2015. Yes Blackberry Priv was first Android Phone with slid in keyboard feature. Here is big thing introduced Blackberry KeyOne in 2017.

Quick summary of Blackberry Keyone


  • It has a keyboard!
  • Great battery life
  • Reliable performance and camera

Not Good:

  • Small, cramped display
  • Heavy weight
  • Will it ever get a software update?

It seems like now blackberry is back with most secure android phone. Check out their official video here.


How this phone is compared to the most popular Apple iPhone 7 Check this out.


Blackberry KeyOne has pretty solid specs but for sure if you look on paper it might not appeal you much. If you are still in love with old legacy of physical keyboard then Blackberry KeyOne is a perfect blend of modern days mobile OS and the most product keyboard.



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