Blackberry KeyTwo Athena Final specs and release date

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Blackberry KeyTwo All you need to know


UPDATE: 5/18/2018

The final release date is announced by Blackberry


Last year blackberry has just revived from the dust of past and then they have changed the whole game with one of the best features which is their expertise and that is a physical keyboard. It seems to be a huge success for blackberry since the launch they have introduced three different colors of that phone which means they are selling that. I have been using Blackberry keyOne and I had fantastic experience except for few complaints which I try to mention in this video below in comparison with Galaxy S8.


Blackberry does not try to be a smartphone killer like OnePlus 6 but it tries to stand out on its unique features.

But now its time for Blackberry to refresh probably their most successful phone in last five years. Now its time for Blackberry keytwo and there are alot of specs floating around on the internet. Here are some major key feature of blackberry keytwo.

Blackberry keytwo code name Athena Specs:

BlackBerry KeyTwo (Athena) will have Snapdragon 660 chipset. It will have 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM with 64 GB of internal storage. it also features the QWERTY keypad. The bottom will house the Fast USB-C charger, while the 3.5 mm jack will remain on the top. There will be only one selfie camera on the front. All the specs are not finalized yet. Its not gonna be a very big change internally specs file if you compare with Blackberry keyone specially a black edition check here

Blackberry Stylus of BB Pen:

Here are some thoughts if blackberry keytwo also features a stylus like Samsung Note 8. This Stylus of Blackberry pen could really standout this phone from rest of the crowd.


If you know more about this upcoming great phone please leave your comments below and also subscribe my youtube channel and I will be posting more video like about this phone soon.


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