Ultimate Guide To Choose Best electric car BMW i3 Tesla model 3 or Polestar...

Electric Cars Guide  Best electric cars BMW i3 Tesla model 3 or Polestar 2 If you are thinking to switch to the pure electric car then there are few things to consider before you start your research for available option. I have been doing some research and learn many new things and different factors to consider and then decide to do this post.
keyone limited edition

Blackberry Key 3 specification after KeyTwo Success

Blackberry Key 3 specification after KeyTwo Success

Is iPad Pro 11 inch too expensive

Is iPad Pro 11 inch becoming too expensive Ok, This article is not about how good is the new iPad or what it can do or what are the cool feature of it and an amazing apple pencil which now connect to iPad magnetically and charge at the same time. To know all you will find thousands of articles and hundreds of videos on YouTube about iPad Pro 11 inch and iPad Pro 12.9 inch. 

Why I am not Switching to NOTE 9

Ok, it seems like with Note 9 Samsung really dont care about innovation and actually there overall mobile phones segments. For those...

Note 9 vs Note 8

Note 9 vs note 8

BlackBerry Motion – Pure Android phone

Blackberry Motion - A pure android phone What is BlackBerry in 2018? Well in 2018, Blackberry is here to stay. This company who are found of...

Blackberry KeyTwo Athena Final specs and release date

BlackBerry KeyTwo (Athena) will have Snapdragon 660 chipset. It will have 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM with 64 GB of internal storage. it also features the QWERTY keypad. The bottom will house the Fast USB-C charger, while the 3.5 mm jack will remain.

Top 10 Brand of 2017

Top 10 Brand of 2017 Here is the world most valuable brand list and it's amazing how technology brands have been taking top positions on this...
Sell photos

5 ways to sell your photos online

If you are photographer professional or enthusiast this article and video below will tell you how you can sell your photos online. I am very new in photography and I thought might be its good idea to show my work to world and give them an opportunity to buy if they like. So you are also looking for selling your photos online then see the list below or watch this video where I explain all different platform.
keyone limited edition

Blackberry KeyOne Limited Edition Complete specs

Blackberry KeyOne was one of the unique phone launched earlier in 2017. Just after new months, Blackberry has launched a new varient of KeyOne with Limited Edition. So whats the hack here how this limited edition of KeyOne is different. 

US President Donald Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia

US President Donald Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia “is being viewed as an effort to reset relations between the US and the Muslim world.”...

5 Things makes your blog post meaningful for google and humans

5 Thinks to do when writing a blog post I have been looking around how make my blog post meaningful for google and for my...

Quintessential tips to Enhance Office Mannerisms

Working in office always calls for certain mannerisms. There are many rules which every employee must follow within the four walls of the office....

How to Meet Project Deadlines

Professional work always has one thing and that is deadline. It is a word dreaded by all, yet there are people, achievers who had...

Dressing Code in Corporate World

Are you working in a top-notch corporate house, yet no one notices you? Well, it’s your poor dressing sense that might be a key...

Basic Rules for an Effective Corporate Meeting

In corporate world everyday meetings are a norm. However, many people find it quite tough to deal with such meetings. At times employees find...

Top five tips for team building

It is not easy to be the CEO of an up-and-coming startup, especially when you are frequently out of your office talking to investors...

The Entrepreneur Mind

A must read book by any entrepreneur. To achieve unimaginable business success and financial wealth to reach the upper echelons of entrepreneurs, where you’ll find...
Meeting FUN

Why meetings should be fun

The average person spends more time in meetings than they'd like to. The average manager spends the majority of their workday in meetings. Given...
Outsource Your Online Tasks

Why Entrepreneurs Consider Outsource Their Tasks

Why you should hire some one to  do you work, its a simple question and the answer is you can not do every thing...

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