Chinese Brands Have Begun Their Assault

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Mark 2014 as the year the tide started to turn. The brand value tide. This year, we see a lot of talk devoted to the just-released fact from the Interbrands Best Global Brands report that both Apple Apple and Google’s Google’s brands exceed 100 billion dollars in value, marking the first time any company, let alone two, has cracked that barrier. However, the role of technology in our economy has not been news for a long time. Even so, the fact that another tech company, Chinas Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., has cracked the top 100 in brand value, is momentous. China may be on the upswing for imports (up 7% last quarter according to the most recent survey). But exports grew at over twice that rate (15%).

Chinas manufacturing dominance has been from its manufacturing for others. Developing its own brands has not been Chinas strength. Chinese companies have not been developing strong and dominant brands in the U.S. market.


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