Chrome OS working in tandem with the Android OS

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There has been nothing left about Google that hasnt been said already!

The very fact that the company which began as a simple search engine a decade and a half away, is today one of the leading names in the world of technology.

The world of technology has seen many major updates, and the introduction of android upped the game majorly.

The introduction of android has changed many things, and it has especially brought out a change in terms of the smartphone revolution.

The everyday man, who was not able to afford a smartphone was now able to buy a smatphone.

Apple was obviously out of his reach and this phone gave him a better option.

The introduction of android was a major step up for google as well as it helped them grow in users as well as in numbers.

Many peole who were not using the services of google earlier have now joined the party and are now full fledged users of googles services.

With the rise in the android sales a significant rise has been noticed in the sales of the Chromebook, which runs on the Chromium OS.

Googles next move is quite a smart move as they are now trying to bring out the two major platforms together the Chrome OS along with the Android OS.

This has been their very first attempt at merging these two together.

The company has recently come out with their attempt at creating a cross platform app compatibility solution in the name of Smartlock.

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