Common Stresses – and Reliefs – of Small Business Owners

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Being a small business owner doesnt come with a job description, and more often than not it includes unforeseen stresses and challenges that are out of the business owners control. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are finding ways to balance the demands of business in both practical and surprising ways.


Common Stress #1: Lack of Control 


While being your own boss may appear to put you in the drivers seat, working with external business partners, clients, investors and other outside parties puts you in a position where you lack control. Sure, you may have influence but thats isnt the same as identifying all end results. This can cause many small business to gain stress and seek resolution. Unfortunately, guaranteeing the results or even the answers you want to happen are not always possible. To help manage this, consider accepting that not all decisions will be made in your favor and aim to have a positive outlook on even those decisions that are not. Naturally, we want to always win or complete whatever it is we aim to achieve, but reality tells us that this isnt always the case. Appreciating your wins and accepting what you cant control can help calm these frustrating situations. According to a study by –  a company committed to supporting scientific happiness – you can also benefit from listening to music, taking a walk, being with friends or doing something you enjoy that has nothing to do with your work. These escapes from your professional responsibilities even if brief can help support you in being less stressed about what you cant control.


Common Stress #2: Reacting Too Soon & Too Fast  


So often in business, people react to decisions without actually taking actions to better support them. As a small business owner, this is particularly important since your actions dictate company results. Reactions, however, are often emotionally driven and as a result, do not effectively support business decisions. To help ease the urge to react to something versus support it with a professional action, take time to listen, analyze the situation, consider multiple responses to it and breathe. Yes breathe. Giving yourself time to evaluate situations versus abruptly reacting to them can not only help your business, but also better support your stress levels.


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