Companies are worried and reacting to Heartbleed

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Indivitual are worried about this scary security issue but companies are also reacting and adopting defensive streategy.


Many company do not even know what is that but big online giants like Google, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and other have already take essential steps to prevent any further damages from this scary security loop hole.


Small comapnies also need to thing and act fast. This is how companies are reacting atlest for now.

The revelation earlier this week of Heartbleed, a serious and scary security vulnerability affecting as many as two-thirds of the world’s Web servers, has left companies scrambling to assess their systems and consumers wondering what they can do to avoid having their information compromised.

The short answer is not much except to wait for sites affected to get their systems patched and then change all your passwords. But that’s not quite the whole story.

You can check whether a site you use regularly, say your banking or credit card site, is affected. This tool from the security company Qualys lets you check if a site has been patched before you use it and avoid sites that fail until they get their systems patched. At least Twitter and Facebook were safe.

Meanwhile, companies that were affected began to notify their users. One example that popped into my inbox came from IFTTT, the Web automation service. In an email to its users, the company announced that it had patched its systems, but also taken the additional steps of logging all of its users out

“Though we have no evidence of malicious behavior, we’ve taken the extra precaution of logging you out of IFTTT on the Web and mobile. We encourage you to change your password not only on IFTTT, but everywhere, as many of the services you love were affected,” the email said.

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