Contemporary Tech-Savvy Wedding

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Marriage and technology together? Well, don’t be surprised as in the busy marriage season everyone is looking for relaxation, an X-factor that can make all the chores simple. We mean marriage function and its in-numerous functionality. Today in this very blog we take a look at tech clues that can spruce up your wedding vows. Although many of the following options are expensive, yet it’s quite required to make your D-Day a memorable one. Right from live videos, to apps to diverse jewellery with a tech backing just take a look-

Bluetooth enabled ring-Mota doi smart ring- Once you pair your android or IOS handset with this ring, it will notify you about incoming calls, social media alerts and text messages. It’s available in midnight and pearl white. It is also manufactured intelligently to withstand ruggedness of daily life and it also has loads of customization features.

Smart Bracelet with Sapphire Screen- Made by Intel and a fashion label called opening ceremony, this studded bracelet lets you check your text messages and email on a curved sapphire touch-screen. Look wise it is zillions time better than any smart watch in the market.

Functional Necklace-Samsung Gear Circle- This necklace is a heady mix of aesthetics and functionality It’s a set of smart ear buds that one can wear around her neck like a necklace and whenever there is incoming call or text, it will gently vibrate to notify. One can also detach the ear buds to receive calls and its voice commands lets you make and receive hands-free calls.

Wedding Apps– As the younger generation is taking charge of  the entire wedding planning like finance, arrangements, the wedding apps is playing a perfect role to execute every single thing perfectly. Even the wedding app lets you categorize and manage the guest list, directly connect you to verified vendors along with a budget calculator that helps you to stay within the budget. Apps like what’s app saves paper as this technology helps one to invite guest and friends and family too.

Online Videos– If one is unable to join his friend’s wedding then he or many like him can watch live marriage video or a recorded version. Like, one can be invited to the marriage website where he can watch the proceedings from the comfort of his own home.

Nevertheless, these are many of the Tech savvy wedding options that one may opt for in the really busy world. After all, being a tech geek has its own benefit. What’s say?


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