Content marketing is not another marketing Campaign

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The key of digital marketing is contents, so actually contents are the most important factor of any digital marketing strategy. But its very important to understand content marketing does not works like traditional marketing campaigns, its actually a long term process which include many different factors.

Jhon Hall, A contributor to forbes explain very good insights on content marketing below in the article.

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Theres a debate raging in the world of marketing. How many times must a consumer be exposed to an advertisement before it changes his behavior?

According to one study, subjects voiced a greater preference for the product after receiving three ad exposures compared to those who received either one or five.

Other experts contend, however, that A consumer wont purchase your product or service until it has been a part of your campaign seven times. Still others say that 20 is the magic number.

Whos right? Its easy to get swept up in the argument. When it comes to content marketing, however, the debate is completely irrelevant.

Content marketing is not advertising. The strategy, tactics, and even the goals of content marketing are different. Yet so many companies still treat digital content as an ad campaign   which is detrimental not only to their respective brands, but to the entire content marketing arena as well.

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