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Marketing, emotions, customers action all brings a great mix which effect over all industry decision and shape it up. check this article where its explain how marketing can define customers actions using their emotions by

Put down the calculator and ignore the data for a second. Contrary to popular belief, startup marketing is not all about quantitative metrics and growth hacking. Its time to start mapping out what creates a connection between you and your customer. Specifically, I am talking about driving customer actions by leveraging human emotion through the art of storytelling.

Humans are intrinsically wired to connect with stories. They connect us to people, ideas, places, products and brands; they help us justify how we spend our money and which brands we champion by substituting promotion with engagement.

Digital media has leveled the marketing playing field savvy startup marketers can tell compelling stories with equal impact as their larger competitors. Creative, emotion-driven marketing enables any size company to drive product awareness with millions of consumers in real-time. These digital and social direct-to-consumer channels have replaced traditional advertising that once favored larger companies with big budgets.

Many companies know exactly what they do and communicate it well (we make X app), but few companies advocate the why (we believe that people should have an easier way to communicate with the people they love). Eric Holmen, president of marketing automation company Invoca, says,soliciting an emotional response is an intentional process that leads to buyers who see value and act with urgency (disclosure: Invoca is an Accel-backed company). Too often, startups focus on the tactics rather than the intentional emotions they need to create.


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