Did you saw Galaxy S8 official video

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Have you seen Galaxy S8 official video this time. Yes some times we are so busy in updates and roumer before the launch of every big flagship smart phone like Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhone 8 and we missed official videos.

Here on this channel we have seen official videos for many products like blackberry keyOne which is a latest android phone by blackberry and other. Its fun to see how this year Samsung bring the most beautiful phone ever into tech world. I am very sure they have been spending much time in creation of this video.

Enjoy Samsung Galaxy S8 official video.

This phone is going to be a great success for Samsung as they have already been announcing some great number in pre-orders. Pre-orders for the S8 and S8+ were up 30 percent from last year’s number of reservations for the S7 and S7 Edge, according to a statement Samsung. Its amazing and seems like no body cares about upcoming Galaxy Note 8 which is also going to be a beast when it comes to productivity and design.

Lets see if this year Samsung wins the race with Note 8 finally but so far Galaxy S8 and S8 plus are enjoying nice peaks in sales graph.



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