Easy Steps to Vamoose Ear pain during Flights

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Flying used to be a passion among many people and currently it has become a necessity for travelling purpose. Visiting friends and families across countries, states and cities compels one to travel along with his family. However; flying in the pain has its own disadvantages too, especially for the small children. Normally a soaring journey in the blue sky gives the kids a discomfort experience like ear pain. Everyone feels it, but for the kids it’s excruciating pain and discomfort. Normally they suffer more from it as their ears are small and the Eustachian tube balancing the outer and inner ear pressure gets blocked.

Girl has a sore earWell until now we have understood the function of the inner ear and the Eustachian tube. What exactly happens in the air is that when the plane flies on a greater heart, the air level gets changed. The inner auricle’s air pressure is pretty different from the outside pressure. Hence, when both get mismatched a sudden pain can be felt. Parents who are flying with their children along should follow below technique to help their children to stay clear of such a difficult situation. Those are as described below-

*Use of auto-inflated balloon- This is a fun procedure, which is often adored by children who suffer from ear pain. All the kid has to do is to inflate the balloon with one side of his nostril, while pressurizing the alternate nostril to it. Inflating the balloon into the size of a grape fruit yields a click sound and it clears the blockage of the auricle. As the organ gets cleared now the child feels relaxed and healed.

*Use of ear plug- One way to shun the earache simply by wearing ear plugs especially designed to balance the air both inside and outside. These earplugs are adapted with filters that will sluggish down the tempo of air movement both inside and outside the auricle.

*Chewing gum- One funny fact associated with chewing gum is that it helps one to exercise his or her facial muscle. Nevertheless, it also helps in equalizing air pressure in and out of the auricle

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