Ensure These Driving Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

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Ensure These Driving Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

When you are driving a car, drive safely. It is very important to know the basics key rules of the safe driving and practice it every time you drive on the road whether you are alone or not. There are some highly important tips for safe driving:

1. Be Attentive at All Times
  • Pay your full attention on driving at all times and avoid multi-tasking during driving.
  • Never use your mobile phone or any other electronic device while driving.
  • High speed gives you less time to secure yourself and chances of accident increases.
2. Always Expect Wrong from Others
  • Keep yourself aware that what other drivers are doing and expect wrong movements from them.
  • Just consider that other drivers can do something insane and be ready to secure yourself from it.
  • Make sure to maintain a margin of 2-3 seconds between you and the car ahead you.
  • Make sure to take safe position in 4 seconds if the weather is bad.
3. Plan in Advance
  • Schedule time for food, rest, business talk or phone calls during your trip.
  • Fix your seat, mirrors and climate control devices before putting the car in gear.
  • If you want to drink or eat just pull over. It will hardly take few minutes.
  • Ensure to charge your cell phone before you drive.
  • Make sure that your car’s fuel tank is properly filled or full.
  • Place required items¬†in your easy access like toll fees, garage passes or toll cards.
4. Adopt Safety Measures
  • Sleep well before driving because most of the accidents’ cause is sleepy drivers.
  • Don’t try to adjust your seat while driving.
  • Don’t try to pick items from the floor.
  • Don’t drive after drunk.
  • Drive drug-free. Most of the drugs cause drowsiness.
  • Always wear your seat belt.
  • Children fight, pets, too much noise can distract your focus on the road.
  • Children should be secured with seat belts.
  • Don’t drive when you are tired.
  • Follow instructions mentioned on the road sign boards in the area you are driving.
  • Follow safety rules specific to the area area or country you are traveling in.
5. Drive Carefully when Driving on Ice
  • If you are driving on ice don’t put brakes frequently or suddenly; this may cause car out of control.
  • Drive slowly, put your car in a lower gear, apply brakes gently and steer should be straight at that time.
  • Avoid turning steering wheel. Most of the accidents occur when drivers turn car’s wheel on ice.
  • Be extra careful when driving in bad weather conditions.
6. Be Careful from Trucks Around You
  • Truck drivers can not see other vehicles well so be careful when you see a truck. You should keep a reasonable distance from it or get attention of the truck driver when you are around it or crossing it.
  • In case of accident with a truck, the car will be in most danger or at high risk.
7. Take Care of Mechanical Issues
  • Ensure if tire pressure is equal in all four tires.
  • Change worn tires.
  • When windshield wiper blades do not wipe properly, change them.
  • Make sure headlights, back lights and the suspension is in good working condition.

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