Europe Tax authorities on Facebook, Apple, Google and Amazon

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How Facebook, Apple , Google and Amazon act upon their strategy for Europe taxations and make things smoothing toward tax authorities in Europe. Find our some interesting fact about these big tech company.

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The European Union is getting increasingly worried about the dominance of Big Tech and has launched a program to boost the European tech sector.

Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Google are all feeling the pressure, finding themselves under the scrutiny of authorities.

Here is what the European watchdogs don’t like:


The EU is preparing to launch an antitrust investigation into Apple’s new online music streaming service, according to reports. In particular, officials are probing Apple’s agreements with record labels to see if it was trying to illegally sideline its rivals.

Apple did not comment on the investigation.

Apple has also been accused of artificially lowering its European tax bill for decades through a deal with Ireland, where the company’s European arm is based.

The EU is now investigating the matter. If it decides Apple breached rules, the iPhone maker could be hit with a higher tax rate and back taxes.


European watchdogs have been looking into Facebook’s privacy policy because they are concerned about the way the social network collects data from users in Europe for target advertisements.

In a separate class action against Facebook, roughly 25,000 Europeans accused Facebook of not respecting their privacy rights and sharing their data with third parties.

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