Facebook messaging is going to turn off

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SMS is old story now, its much more common now in all the smart phones to use apps for messages. Facebook is now little more than just a social media app, with Facebook messenger which is actually a separate app available on all the major platform is offering you a lot more.


Messaging and also phone call, I personally have not tried yet but it seems facebook is now getting alot of intention when it comes to messeging and phone calls.

If you are using facebook messages within facebook app then you need to see an interesting story below.

Facebook’s plans to become an empire of mobile apps got a little more interesting today as the company began notifying users in a few European countries that in two weeks, they won’t be able to message friends through the Facebook app anymore. They’ll need to download Messenger for iOS or Android to do so, the company’s popular chat app. The messages button will remain in the Facebook app, but will boot users out to Messenger when tapped.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that stripping Messenger out of the main Facebook app is not a test, and will at some point in the near future happen in every country. There are a few exceptions to the new rule, however. First, lower-end Android devices with memory constraints won’t be required to download Messenger. Second, Windows Phone and tablet users will still see messages inside their Facebook apps. Third, messaging will remain, for now, inside Paper, the company’s recently launched news app. We would assume that Facebook will at some point update the aforementioned apps to remove messaging — perhaps if and when Messenger is launched for tablets.


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