Free android app for Chrome OS

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If you are an owner of Chrome Book and use Chrome OS here is a good news for you. Since Chrome books and Chrome OS came out in the market those who adot it they love it.

And now google has also offer free Android apps for chrome OS this article brings all the updates about Android apps for Choome books and Chrome OS.

Google’s Chrome OS is about to become a little more interesting: The company is now accepting Android applications that will run as if they were native.

At last year’s Google I/O developer event, Google introduced Android apps running on Chrome OS using an early beta of its Android App Runtime for Chrome (ARC). In September, the first four apps made the transition. Google slowly added a handful of Android apps for Chromebooks and Chromeboxes every few months since then but now, it appears ready for wider support.

Flipboard for Android converted for use on Chrome

OMG Chrome reports that although ARC is still in a beta status, Google will accept any Android app ported to Chrome OS in its Chrome Web Store. There are detailed instructions for app developers to use ARC and test their Android app for use on Chrome OS devices. The apps require testing not only because the runtime is still in beta but because Android software could rely on certain hardware components that may not be available in a Chrome OS device; think GPS or other sensors.


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