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Android is becoming a leading OS for mobile devices, few years back Apple use to announce how many downloads of apps are done form iOS app store.

Here is a store about Android now some interesting figures by TechCrunch

Android’s position as the most dominant smartphone platform worldwide is also having an impact on mobile app download growth, and now, increasing revenue. Google’s app marketplace, Google Play, saw 45% more downloads that Apple’s iOS App Store in Q1, according to a new report out this morning from App Annie. However, Apple continues to still be “comfortably ahead” in terms of worldwide revenue, the report found, generating a whopping 85% more revenue than Google Play.

App Annie’s Q1 2014 Market Index report includes data from over 150 countries around the world, examining apps on both Google Play and the iOS App Store. However it doesn’t take into account Amazon’s Appstore, which is found to be more lucrative for Android developers than Google’s own marketplace.

The key finding in terms of revenue from the Q1 report appears, at first glance, to be more of the same – that is, Apple generates more revenue for developers, despite Google’s massive install base. However, what’s interesting is that Google Play is now narrowing that revenue gap, according to App Annie.


Android app download volume is growing thanks to explosive growth in emerging markets, including Mexico, where smartphone adoption grew 75% last year, and Turkey, where I.T. spending is expected to increase by 9% this year, driven by smartphone and tablet adoption. Downloads were also strong in Brazil and Russia, now both in the top three.

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