History of Beats Electronics – Apple buys

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Beats now Apple will buy it. What is a history of Beats Electronics. lets See!

Before Apple makes its Beats acquisition truly official, join us for a trip down context lane.

Sure, every tech pundit with Internet access has weighed in on why the$3.2 billiondeal is good or bad for Apple, but before you make up your mind, here’s a look at how Beats Electronics evolved into the accessory powerhouse it is today.

While we still await formal confirmation (or denial) from the two firms, the timeline above revealsthat Apple and Beatshave apparently been close for years. Rumor or not, the deal could actuallymake sense for Apple, according to VentureBeat’s ownDevindra Hardawar.

What do you think of the deal? Let us know in the comments below!

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Beats Music is a music streaming service spun out of Beats Electronics and into its own company in early 2013. The core experience will be centered around curated playlists created by musicians and music writers.

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