How to control your food cravings

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Eating food is essential, but overeating can be deadly both to health and self. Often many people crave for food to the ultimate level and this habit creates excess troubles. The urge to munch on something can hit you anytime. However, smacking during odd hours can actually make you consume more calories. In today’s blog we are going to discuss more on controlling your food cravings and to develop healthy eating habits to make smart food choices as well as to stay energetic all day long whether in office, home or any where else.

Eat right– The first thing you should do is to curb your cravings by eating the right food in right amount. Regular eating of healthy foods will balance the levels of dopamine in your body, the neurotransmitter that helps transmit happy and sad signals to the brain.

Downsize your snacks– If you are a snack-lover, then buy your snacks in small quantities. For instance, buy a single, small pack of cookies rather than the big one. That way, you will reduce the chances of over eating.

Consume more fibre– Fibre helps you to maintain healthy sugar level in the body and in turn reduce the sugar drop that leads to craving. It will also help you to feel fuller for a longer time. Eat whole grains, broccoli, whole wheat pasta, raspberries and various beans.

Water down the urge– Most people mistake thirst for an urge to eat. So when the urge to snack on something hits you, checvk if its just your body craving for a sip of water. In fact, drinking water will control your craving.

Exercising-self-control-in-the-battle-against-junk-food-cravings-1024x768Limit your salt intake– Salt worsens your food cravings besides causing you to gain unwanted water weight. To avoid as much as salt intake as possible, use spices and herbs for seasoning instead.

Avoid stress– Studies find that one of the major reasons for people to crave for sweets or foods is stress and emotional ups and downs. But it would be wise to understand that food doesn’t solve your emotional issues.

Please, follow the above tips to control your food cravings as well as your increasing body weight.


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