How To Make Your Employees Great

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I’m a ghostwriter for entrepreneurs and executives. When writing under my own name, I highlight the business benefits of being genuinely interested in the needs of others. I’m the author of How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk, and have been a LinkedIn Influencer since the first week of that program. My Forbes articles chronicle ways that companies can bring together ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. I earned an MBA at Wharton and have spoken at hundreds of firms and conferences.

The author is a Forbes contributor. The opinions expressed are those of the writer.

A superior leader is a person who can bring ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results. Many years ago, an entrepreneur told me that. He was right.

For most organizations, hiring the best talent is not a viable business strategy. The only way to get the best is to pay more than your competitors, and few companies are willing or able to do this.

A far better strategy is to hire decent, hardworking people and bring out the best in them. Heres how to do it:

Recognize that each employee is unique: People are not machines; most of us dont fit into neat little boxes. If you look around your team and see similar-looking and acting people, it probably means people have been forced into boxes that are limiting their performance.

Not everyone is motivated by money or power. Not every team member gets excited by hitting the monthly budget, or by closing another deal. To bring out the best in each employee, you have to acknowledge this reality. Most organizations dont have the energy or initiative to do this, which is why they end up with barely ordinary performance levels.

Have a purpose beyond money: Im a realist, and know that people primarily work to earn a living. But people work harder, longer and better when they see the purpose behind their work.


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