How to reduce stress ?

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Busy life and a lot of thoughts create a lot more stress and when it comes to stress management it a big subject.


Few tips below By Susan Samakow, Communities Digital News

WASHINGTON, April 14, 2014

More than ever, I hear people lamenting how stressed out they are these days. Whether I amat the food store, in line for a movie, at a restaurant, with family, friends, or a clientpeople are stressed out.

Baby Boomers, especially, are feeling stress. For many Boomers who find themselves sandwiched between aging parents and un- or under-employed offspring while themselves weathering an economy that is still shaky for most Americans, stress is at an all-time high.

Because of demanding lives and schedules, and very little down time or self-care breaks, many people are on medication for various reasons such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, and poor sleeping habits.

In the past year, with regard to stress, I have asked myself the following question:

What can I include in my life that can eliminate or lessen some of the everyday stress I am feeling. What de-stressing tools or techniques can I use that I can easily teach my clients and others who want to live better and benefit from a healthier lifestyle?

So I went about looking for solutions the way I go about most things in lifevery thoroughly! I researched different tools and techniques, attended workshops, read books, and had several one-on-one lessons with my coach so I could lock in the learning in the most timely and effective fashion. I was on a mission: to maintain and sustain a healthy lifestyle with as little medication as possible.

Obviously if you are on any medications for any reason, I am not advising you to get off of them. That decision is between you and your physician. What I want in my life is to not add medications where there are healthy alternatives. In turn, I can give others healthy alternatives.

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