Imperative Lessons to Learn from a Failed Relationship

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Human beings are social animal and they love to get into relationships. However, at times failed relationships can cause much harm to one’s self esteem. The breakdown of a romantic relationship is a tough experience to go through. And no, it isn’t a trivial matter. While you are justified in honouring your feelings and spending time mourning the death of a relationship, this experience is one that can teach you some invaluable life lessons. Here’s what to keep in mind when you dip into the dating pool again. Hence, let’s have a look at lessons to learn after a failed relationship –

Try to give yourself top priority-No, that isn’t being selfish. Put a price on the time your next partner gets to spend with you. Unless the situation calls for it, don’t be available to them all the time. If the new guy you are dating wants to meet you only when his other plans fall through, let him know how pampering yourself with a nail spa ranks higher for you. Put yourself first—only then will others follow your example.


Take a look in the mirror-Both parties are responsible for the breakdown of a relationship. The time spent during a break-up can best be utilised in taking responsibility for your actions and introspecting about where you went wrong. Do you have trust issues that make you feel insecure when you are in a relationship? There is no better time than post a break-up to get to know yourself better and iron out areas that will enable you to have a more fulfilling relationship the next time around.
Give and take
-Quite often, we enter and stay the course of a relationship looking to our partners to fulfil all our unmet needs and demands. Here’s an interesting piece of fact: it’s not their responsibility and vice-versa. Strike a balance. It’s all about a healthy give-and-take where neither feels the burden of making you happy all the time. While it is acceptable for you to expect your partner to do things for you, know that you must do the same too. And when neither can’t, it’s okay. You can be the sailor of your own ship just fine, just spend time learning how.
Pick your battles-
Every small issue needn’t be fought over. If he is in touch with his ex and hides it from you, don’t bring that up during a sports game that he’s intently watching. That’s a lost battle.
Know your deal breakers-
A healthy compromise is needed in every relationship. Before you begin dating again, spend time knowing just exactly what your deal breakers are. Do you want to settle down? Do you want children? Would you be willing to give up your food choices or even convert your religion if needed? These are the questions you need to answer and keep in mind before taking the plunge again.
Don’t give up on love-Closing yourself to love after a failed relationship (or relationships), won’t help. Mourn the loss and move on. Kiss those frogs until you find your prince. If nothing else, you will have great stories to recount.

So, learn your imperative lessons to learn after a failed relationship and move ahead.


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