iOS 8.2 Update Is Worth Installing or Not

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Two weeks ago, Apple announced a brand new iOS 8.2 update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. While many users have installed it, others are leery of Apple’s latest iOS 8 update.After spending a significant amount of time with theiPad mini 2iOS 8.2 update in particular, we want tooffer a definitive answer to the question burning in the minds of many users: Is the iPad miniiOS 8.2 release worth installing?

During its Spring Forward launch event for the Apple Watch and new MacBook, Apple confirmed the release of its seventh iOS 8 update since the release of iOS 8.0 back in September. TheiOS 8.2 update was released to the public shortlyafter the event and since then, we’ve been taking a close look atiOS 8.2’s performance.

The company’s newiOS 8 updateisn’t astandard incremental iOS release. While most incrementalupdates come with a few bug fixes and enhancements aimed at improving the software, iOS 8.2 delivered a huge change log full of feature enhancements, an Apple Watch application, and a laundrylist of bug fixes aimed at solving some frustrating iOS 8 problems.

In the two weeks since the iOS 8.2 update’s arrival, we’ve been takinga look at the software across several popular devices including Apple’s second-gen iPad Mini, also known as the iPad mini 2. The iPad mini 2is now a year old though it’s still on sale and in the hands of tons of people around the world.

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