iPad Air 2 is here now check out specs

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Not every one is waiting for iPad air 2, even then its interesting to check out what will be the specs and it will help you to make a decision that if you are interested to upgrade or stay with your current iPad.

Check this article and it will help you to understand and make decision.

With last year’siPad Air, Apple really pulled out all of the stops, making its 9.7in tablet a lot smaller, thinner and lighter. Despite this, it kept the same high build-quality, with an all aluminium chassis, and increased the power thatnks to the 64-bit A7 SoC. With so many changes last year, what can we expect to see from the iPad Air 2? In this article, we’re rounding up all of the latest release date, price and specs rumours, to try and work out what Apple has in store for us, before the product is officially launched. We’re updating this article regularly, so come back for the latest information.

More leaked images of the iPad 2 have surfaced, this time from Japanese magazine ASCII Plus, and shown on GforGames.com. As with the previous leaks that we’ve seen, the new images show an iPad Air 2 mockup next-to an iPad Air. In other words, the new iPad isn’t actually working, but is merely a model of what the final product may look like – we can’t emphasise the ‘may’ enough.

Still, from this kind of image we can start to get a feel for what the final product could be. As with previous leaks (see below), the iPad Air 2 model on show here has the TouchID fingerprint reader, which was missing from last year’s tablet. These images also show, as did the previous leak, that the rotatation lock button on the side is gone. As we theorised before, this is likely to be because rotation lock is now an option on the iOS Control Centre pull-up menu. As a result, the new-design volume buttons move higher up the case.

The images also show that the camera has moved, so it’s further to the side, while the new iPad Air 2 is also a little bit thinner. As a result, while the iPad Air 2 will fit into existing cases, the hole for the camera is now in the wrong place, while the gap left for the roation lock now overlaps the volume buttons. This will mean that the new Apple tablet won’t work with a lot of existing cases; the existing Apple Smart Cover should work properly, though.


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