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Is it All you need the iPad Pro 11 Inch

Yes, Apple products are not cheap and especially when you need top end devices from Apple like iPad Pro 11 inch. iPad already rules the in this category and with last year iPad Pro 10.5 launch Apple was already far ahead from the competition. After the launch of 11 inch iPad pro, it even beat most of the Laptops in performance.

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So what you can do with iPad 11 inch

First of all, I want to make it clear that iPad is still not a replacement of laptop if you want to do a lot of file management and want to do multitasking in the more conventional way let say in more windows ways then iPad is not a thing which can replace your laptop.

But if you are ready to be flexible, change the way you look at multitasking and adopt a new way to manage your file and folders then it might give you an opportunity to eliminate laptop completely from your life.

iPad 11 is twice as faster than iPad 10.5 in many cases but in what cases iPad can perform well and you don’t need a laptop to do those tasks if you adopt new ways of multitasking and file management.


If you do photography and mostly do your edits on the laptop then with iPad 11 inch you might not need a laptop anymore. iPad 11 inch for photographers is even faster than laptops and macs, all you need is an iPad with bigger spaces like iPad 256 GB or 512 GB.

Video Editor:

Off course not of super professional level but you can do quite a lot on iPad 11 inch as there are many apps available now which perform much better on iPad 11 inch than laptops or macs. 

Daily office routine:

Most of the office tasks especially on management and managers lever are done on follow-ups, Outlook emails, and calendar and notes taking. With new Apple pencil now its much easier to go completely paperless and do all the notes on iPad. Again if you don’t have any special apps to run which are still not available on iOS then you manage your work only with iPad 11 inch. 32140335197 661bf9467d

Best of all whole Microsoft Office apps are available for iOS which makes iPad a more productive and acceptable device among corporate and educational sector.

Media consumption:

With an ease of handling of the device and the good battery timing iPad 11 is very good media consumption device if you only looking an iPad to watch the youtube video or using streaming services like HBO and Netflix then this iPad is very expensive option check here.  Then you should choose apple entry-level iPad 9.7 inch which on an extremely good price. When you use the tablet only for media consumption then you don’t need big storage option which means you can choose the cheapest iPad in the range.

If you think there are some other scenarios where you want to use the iPad and you think it can also replace your laptop completely then share your thoughts in the comments below. Overall iPad is a very good option and with the different model available with different price level I believe all the different iPad models fulfill needs for different segments.

In the tablet segment, there are two major options which kind of compete with Apple iPads and they are Android Tablets but the problem with those is lack of apps and if apps are there they are not made specifically for those tablets. Secondly, Microsoft surface and again that is full PC feel in those devices which mean handheld and tablet-like tasks are not that user-friendly as they are on iPads or Android tablets.

It would be very nice if window launch again some version of OS which is dedicated and specially designed for tablets. And in the Android world, more apps are optimized for tablet formats and hardware.

Share your those what machine you use and how you see a tablet especially iPad can fit in your daily working style. If iPad is going to be your option which iPad you think suits you and how you gonna make it productive for you, do you like the speed of iPad 11 and that is all you need if you like the overall Apps echo system of Apple and that which pulls you towards iPad pro 11 inch.


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