iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 4

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Apple’s iPhone 6 has made some baby steps in the specs department, but its still a relaxed sprint to home base for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

By Deidre Richardson

This time, Apples iPhablet will square off with Samsungs newest Galaxy Note 4 that was announced before IFA 2014 in Berlin. Has Apple made significant strides with the iPhone 6 against Samsungs growing influence? Lets get to it.

Apples iPhone 6 Plus comes with 5.5-inch liquid crystal display (or LCD) with Apples newly-named Retina HD screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Apple has also provided something of a stronger, durable glass in the iPhone 6 Plus (what Apple calls ion-strengthened glass), although the company doesnt claim that the display utilizes Cornings Gorilla Glass. Were still curious about why it is that last years iPhone 5s bears Gorilla Glass 3 but this years display doesnt bear Gorilla Glass 4 or something akin to it.

Samsungs Galaxy Note 4 features a 5.7-inch, Super AMOLED display that carries over from the Galaxy Note 3s 5.7-inch display that features a Quad HD screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels.

In the category of the phablet, however, Samsung is King, so Samsung wins it here again with the 5.7-inch display and the new Quad HD resolution. Apples Retina HD resolution places it more on the level of Samsungs Galaxy S5 than it does the Note 4.

While iPhone 6 Plus attempts to compete with Samsungs Note line, it seems to be behind the times in terms of its screen resolution. We can see the need for Full HD screens with 5-inch displays, but anything thats 5.5 inches across or more should have a bit brighter display. Apple has optimized the iPhone 6 Plus as it does always, but we think that the battery will take a hit because of the bright screen resolution. More on that below.

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