Is iOS 8 impressed by Android ?

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Its not doubt Android really create challenging situation for Apple and now after announcement of iOS 8 it seems Apple has taken many ideas from Android.

Apples recently unveiled iOS 8 mobile operating system has many interesting features, including some new tricks that have been available on a certain competing platform long before the iPhone maker found a way to implement them. Ars Technica has detailed as many as 12 features that have already been available to Android users long before Apple brought them to iOS 8.

Some of these Android inspirations are more obvious than others, including the new QuickType typing suggestions in iOS 8, Apples support for third-party keyboard applications, the Hey, Siri hotword for always-on listening features, the limited Widgets support in the Notification Center, the battery stats shown in iOS 8s Settings,actionable notifications, andthe improved photo backup in iCloud.

Developer-oriented features, like the ability of uploading an app video in the App Store or to offer app beta tests to customers will also sound familiar to Android users.

Others may be less recognizable, such as the app intercommunication feature that lets iOS apps talk to one another. Also, the streaming voice recognition that Siri will support each word of a phrase will be sent to Apples servers rather than the whole phrase andthe CloudKit support that will offer various server-related features to app developers may not be as obvious to Android users.


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