Is iPad Pro 11 inch too expensive

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Is iPad Pro 11 inch becoming too expensive

Ok, This article is not about how good is the new iPad or what it can do or what are the cool feature of it and an amazing apple pencil which now connect to iPad magnetically and charge at the same time. To know all you will find thousands of articles and hundreds of videos on YouTube about iPad Pro 11 inch and iPad Pro 12.9 inch.

But here I am trying to explain another factor of the all-new iPad pro 11 inch and that is the price. For me, its always be so tempting to get my hands on Apple new products right after their launch and prices has never been an issue for most of us right that why to see many iPhone and iPad users.

No doubt in tablet category Apple has nailed it there is not another good option available in the market which can compete with pros of Apple iPad and I don’t only mean with hardware but the whole ecosystem of the amazing and productive app, for gamers its tons of games and on top of that performance of that device. Ohh I am again getting a bit techy, so What I am trying to say everything with iPad is so good so it’s on top in this category.

But this is the first time I am thinking its too much money for a tablet especially if you just gonna use it for a few hours a days when you are in your couch or wanna do pre-sleep surfing. For those who think they can switch their laptop, they might be it could be a good option to invest in that. But there are so many scenarios where you still need your laptop, for example, file management in iOS is still so clumsy and not fully supported to flexible options. If you wanna spend that money for productivity which involves a lot of file handling then stick to MacBook or some other laptop please and just buy simple 9.7 inch iPad

If you think your working style can be easily transferable to iPad kind of productivity and iPad can adapt it via iOS and available apps then get rid of your computer or MacBook and just get an iPad pro 11 inch.

Below are some screenshots are taken directly from the apple website to understand different prices options.

Option 1: Buy this when you want to keep your laptop / MacBook also

Buy this if you only gonna use iPad for Netflix, youtube or browse the web but again this iPad can also handle any productivity apps like word, excel, …

Base model price in Sweden

Option 2 BUY if you can ditch your Laptop / Macbook

You want to be a real productivity beast of you can be flexible to change your working style so you can get all done on Tablet then this is your option.

Price for the base model iPad Pro 11 inch.

What do you think iPad pro 11 inch is really expensive or over all this category is become too much pricy when it comes to get right tablet like iPad 11 inch

Note all screen shots are taken from Apple official websie in Sweden.

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