Is team leadership really important for success ?

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Well team work is important for perfection, success and innovation. In recent days its very command that product delivery time span and product life cycle becoming shorter and shorter. This is because of drastically increasing competition in business world.


Well It considered to be a good team if too many voice are raised within a team for the sake of idea and productive criticism. But its seems like bigger teams are not that productive as small teams are.


According to new york tie best selling author of top Dog: Smaller teams are much better than bigger teams. He express nice view on team leadership, See article below.


by The HR Specialist on April 14, 2014 9:30am in Leaders & Managers,Team Building

Po Bronson—The New York Times best-selling author of Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing—is a big fan of using small teams to tackle big projects. “We have this idea that a team should have a lot of voices on it. And that doesn’t really work,” Bronson writes. “Teams should be as small as possible to get the job done.”

But surely the smaller the team, the more critical the role of the team leader, right? Wrong. According to Bronson, “Today’s intrinsically motivated, self-driven knowledge worker doesn’t need to be looked after all the time. On average, the most effective balance is intermittent monitoring. If you watch over someone’s shoulder all the time, they’re just going to feel like they’re being bossed around.”

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