Leading CEOs best advice for young entrepreneurs and business owners

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Here are some useful tips from successful CEOs to small business owners and yound entrepreneurs. 

Chau NguyenEntrepreneur and TV personality Bill Rancic chats with Campus Special CEO Chau Nguyen. Small-business leaders are responsible for setting a business direction that helps their companies compete with much bigger corporations. They then have to assemble a team that will help them carry out that mission.

Chau Nguyen

Entrepreneur and TV personality Bill Rancic chats with Campus Special CEO Chau Nguyen.


It’s no small task. To learn the secrets of those who’ve done it successfully, we asked five of the leaders that were named to Glassdoor’s list of the “25 Highest Rated CEOs at Small and Mid-Sized Companies” to share their best advice for small-business owners.

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Intacct provides businesses with financial management and account services. Reid ranked first on Glassdoor’s list, with a 100% employee approval rating.

Reid recommends that small-business CEOs create a compelling mission and instill their company’s values into their employees. This can be maintained by creating quarterly objectives for every employee. “Hold people accountable for their objectives, because the fabric of the company is woven through the results of all,” Reid says.


Fusion-io is a computer hardware and software company that provides businesses with services like cloud computing and big data collection. Robison ranked No. 15 on Glassdoor’s list, with an 89% approval rating.

“I love the quote: ‘Enough about me, let’s talk about you … What do you think about me?'” Robinson says, joking about managers’ tendency to become self-centered and micromanage their companies. “The truth is that it’s not all about you — engage great people to help.”


DocuSign provides e-signature and digital transaction management software to over 95,000 companies of various sizes. Larger clients include HP, Red Bull, and Yahoo. Krach ranked No. 20 on the list, with an 82% approval rating.


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