Learn to Say No to Cigarette while Handling Stress

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Growing up is a beautiful feeling and we all have felt it with time. However; everyone is not brave enough to take the stress and trouble of life easily. Why only younger generation, even elder people fall to stress and take up any kind of addiction mode like cigarette, wine and other form of tobaccos like hookah too. Youngsters while facing their own set of failures during growing up period they opt for such mediums of addiction to ease off their stress level, but as parents we must make them understand that smoking cigarette is not the solution. It’s important to handle stress without cigarette, to take up and downs of life with a smile.

Growing up adds much to contentment and happiness in life. Hence, let’s teach our younger generation to be more mature enough & leave this deadly habit. The pressure of academics, social and personal life problems can be handled by developing good habits of sharing with family especially with parents. Those youngsters who are into smoking often put up the excuse of feeling distress by smoking with friends and sometimes they practice it for fun too. This kind of habit is too bad as their body can get Toxicated with deadly tars & many other deadly substances present in cigarette. Therefore, parents must cajole their teenage children to stop themselves from such dangerous addictions. Smoking GirlAnother form of tobacco is the hookah, which had been a part of royal culture of India. However; with diminish of royalty this bad habit has remained and today it is resurfacing in the form of Hookah bar. It’s a place where people are especially youngsters spend their time with friends calling it as Chillax time.  Very few of them ever realize how much Carbon Monoxide they keep on inhaling while smoking hookah.

Keep an eye on your children’s activity and check their lifestyle at times. Even girls are adapting to the habit of smoke to maintain their status as a cool girl and to keep mental stress at bay.  Whatever form of smoking one may have taken up it is never worth all the money, time and anxiety one takes up to smoke a cigarette. The next time you are going to smoke one, just stand still and think about its minuses and health hazards before you light it up. Learn to say no to it and handle Stress without cigarette.

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