Mac OS X System Preferences

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If you want to know more about Mac OS System Preferences, Check this article. 

Sometimes to do what you need to do on your Mac will require accessing System Preferences. Those new to the Mac may be wondering what is System Preferences on the Mac and where can I find it. Others may be unaware of what System Preferences makes possible and how easy it is to make tweeks and changes to the way your Mac is set up. 

We aim to cover the whole of System Preferences in this article that will be updated over time. So far you can find the following:

The System Preferences application is found in your Applications folder and is also available at any time from the Apple menu at the top-left of the screen. It may also be in your Dock at the bottom of the screen – it looks like the icon in the image above.

When launched, System Preferences provides access to a number of panes that deal with various aspects of how your Mac works, appears and behaves, such as screen resolutions, wallpaper images, input device shortcuts, parental control settings, and internet accounts.


When System Preferences is first launched, you’ll see rows of icons, each corresponding to a specific group of related options. Click on any icon to access the relevant pane.

Alternatively, you can access a pane if you click-hold, Ctrl-click or right-click the System Preferences Dock icon’s contextual menu.

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