Microsoft heading to cloud OS like Chrome

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Cloud computing is already touching to its peak. Now companies like Microsoft also heading to produce a cloud version of their Windows OS. Are they trying to bring something like Google Chrome OS.

Microsoft is developing a cloud-based version of Windows that could go head-to-head with Googles Chrome OS, according to a new leak.

The operating system, reportedly called Windows Cloud, will offer users a fully-functional OS when connected to the internet, as well as featuring a basic offline mode.

The rumoured OS sounds similar to Googles Chrome OS, despite Microsoft having recently slated the cloud-driven platform as part of a long-running anti-Google campaign.

According to analysts, it’s likely that Microsoft is developing a cloud-focused OS – but it’s not clear if it will ever be released.

Its almost certain that there will be a group in Microsoft working on this,” David Bradshaw, research manager of European SaaS and Cloud Services at IDC, told PC Pro. “Whether or not (or how soon) a Microsoft cloud-OS will see the light of day depends on Microsofts evaluation of the threat from Chrome OS.

Although Chrome OS doesnt seem to be making serious inroads into Microsofts OS business, [the company] needs to have a range of responses ready to deploy [if it does],” he added.

Mobile response

Owen Rogers, senior analyst for digital economics at 451 Research, told PC Pro that if such an OS is in development, it may have more to do with mobile devices than Google.

“Tablets and mobile phones are being increasingly used by consumers, but these devices have limited technical capability such as storage space and processor power,” he said.

“The cloud has potentially unlimited technical prowess, which can be delivered for low-cost,” he added. “So a cloud-focused operating system could deliver performance and capability to tablet users who otherwise might be unable to gain such benefits.”

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